Squadron Philosophy

The Imperial Royal Flying Corps Squadron (=IRFC=) consists of people from all walks of life all over the world who love Rise of Flight, the most realistic First World War flight simulator made until this day. Tactics and teamwork are the key elements that define our squadron. We conduct ourselves in an honourable manner and show respect for our opponents. Usually. We are an Entente squadron, but fly on the Central side when balance calls for it. Mostly.

Recruitment happens on an individual basis, although we always welcome visitors.

Come fly with or against us soon in the Rise of Flight skies and remember: DON'T PANIC

The IRFC Squadron

Squadron History

Historically, the Imperial Royal Flying Corps (IRFC) was formed in 1915 and was a Canadian based training organization during WW1. They trained pilots and ground crew from the U.S., Commonwealth and various European countries for service in the RFC/RAF. The IRFC initiated and fostered the cooperation of international airforces that continued  through WW2 and exists today under NATO.

Here are photos taken of posters for the original IRFC: